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Oil Paintings

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Explore NOVICA's Oil Paintings Collection. Discover original artworks in our unique collection of one-of-a-kind and limited-edition traditional and contemporary styles created by the finest established and upcoming artists from around the world.

Spotlight on Oil Paintings

Oil painting gradually developed between the 15th and 16th century by artists striving to cope with the challenges derived by changing times and styles. Public preference focused on realism and demands were placed on new ideas, broadening art forms, and the inclusion of motifs other than religious.Artists needed a type of paint that allowed the depiction of flowing and billowing shapes, blended tones and a high chroma of colors. As oils replaced tempera, artists experienced great advantages in expressive range that went from thin transparent glazes to absolutely opaque pigments. Advantages include the possibility of painting over or painting out parts of their compositions; freedom to use a variety of paint brushes; and the opportunity of working on a canvas for weeks, given the slow drying process of oil paints.Artists have discovered in oil paints a subtle tonal range capable of great intensity. They can express their innermost thoughts or explore emotional depths. Oils allow artists to replicate the beauty of their lands, their regional customs, beliefs and traditions, the plight of their people as well as their celebrations. They share them with the world through our collection of original oil paintings.

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Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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