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Sterling Silver Rings

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Explore NOVICA's Sterling Silver Rings Collection, showcasing a myriad of traditional and contemporary designs from artisans around the world.

Sterling Silver Rings

The ornamental purpose of jewelry is steeped in symbolic meaning. The ring, for example, represents unity and eternity, which explains its traditional association with marriage and other important unions. The ring’s circular shape also symbolizes protection, a talisman to ward off negativity through its continuity. NOVICA’s collection of silver handmade rings features classic and contemporary styles distinct to the regions from which they originated. Rings from Bali, India and Thailand pay homage to nature, evidenced in animal and floral themes. While Andean designs replicate cave art and Incan glyphs appear in silver rings for men. Especially lovely are the intricate filigree rings crafted in the tradition of ancient Peruvian culture. NOVICA proudly presents this exceptional collection of artisan crafted sterling silver rings for women. Showcasing handmade jewelry by highly talented artisans worldwide, our sterling silver ring collection offers a wide variety of styles, from cocktail to wrap, filigree, signet, and silver rings with gemstones, among many more.

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