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Red Paintings (76 items)

Welcome to Novica's Red Painting Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our pink and red paintings below:

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The Red Painting

Symbolizing beauty, love and passion, red is associated with heated emotion. It also represents courage and sacrifice. In Chinese tradition, brides wear red gowns and red paper is often used to wrap gifts of money. In India, red is the color of wealth, beauty, and the goddess Lakshmi. Christian iconography links red to fire, suggesting the presence of God, and it is the liturgical color of Pentecost.

Rich and vital, the red painting takes many artistic styles and themes, and its tones range from deep crimson to pink and rose. Novica's selection is extraordinary.

Saldana's use of red emphasizes the passion in the glance of Peruvian women, while Patricia Figallo's oil paintings pulsate with vermillion energy. For Helenice Dornelles, scarlet conveys the intensity of Brazilian gardens. Amorn Pinpimai's artistic nude paintings exhibit red backgrounds, while Nitaya Tamwong depicts ruby lotus, pink frangipani and bright heliconia. Sunti's portraits of old Siam are enveloped in red and burgundy, conferring a fervent intensity on bygone days. Capturing sunlight on cherry-colored petals, Harman delights in Balinese flowers.

Original art is a welcome and unique gift. We hope you enjoy exploring our pink and red paintings from around the world!

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