Over $90.4 million sent to artisans so far!
At NOVICA, we live by one simple mantra...

Happy Artisans

Fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business.

Happy Customers

Unique handmade products, great value, and the joy of helping to nurture and elevate the craft of global artisans.

Happiness Works!


To date NOVICA sent over $90.3M to artisans around the world

We spread happiness by our commitment to


We Connect

Artisans to a Global Marketplace of Socially Conscious Customers


Artisans from around the world (many living in rural communities) don't have the means to sell their work on the international market. NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this, and reach customers on a global scale.


Our teams of local art experts based in every region, provide artisans with all the backup they need. From product development advice, to quality control assistance, we are there to make their listing process as smooth as possible. Watch video.


If you're like us, you care about who you're buying from, and who you're supporting. This is why we go out of our way to capture the real artisan story. On every product page you'll find a portrait and detailed biography of each artist.

We Empower

Artisans to Build a Sustainable Business from Their Craft


We operate a completely transparent system where artisans have all the control. They are free to raise or lower their own prices, can withdraw their products at any time, and can even put their items on sale.


We offer 0% interest loans to artisans who want to expand their business and bring more income to their wider communities. You can lend to artisans directly on our website, or visit our loan page on kiva.org.


In a world where there are so many mass produced products, with no record of who made them, and under what conditions, NOVICA gives you the choice to say no to sweat shops and child labor, and to vote with your wallet for a happier world.

We Preserve

Ancient Artistic Traditions for Future Generations to Enjoy


Local sourcing teams in every region are tasked with finding the most unique and precious art traditions around. We look for originality, quality of workmanship, and pieces we know our customers will love.


In the past, artists have been forced to give up their art in order to make ends meet. NOVICA allows them to carry on with their craft, as there is now a platform from which they can operate a sustainable creative business.


We are obsessed with every artistic tradition out there, and want to teach you about them too! Through our Keepers Of The Arts page, we hope to promote awareness for endangered traditions, and provide a place where you can target your support.

Happiness in Action

Help Spread Happiness



Message from The Founders

NOVICA was founded in 1999 by a group of people from around the world, including Andy Milk, Charles Hachtmann, Michael Burns, Mina Olivera and Jose Cervantes. Pictured here are co-founders Roberto Milk and Armenia Nercessian.

Co-founders Roberto Milk and Armenia Nercessian

Spreading Happiness

When we set out to expand and transform NOVICA this year, one of the concepts that kept jumping out at us was happiness.

Empower. Connect. Preserve. Those are all powerful, fundamentally important mantras that drive us. But at the very core of what we do, at our very essence - we've succeeded only if we make both artisans and customers happy.

Happiness. Global Happiness.

An elusive and simple emotion. And yet an impossibly large call to action. How could a small company like ours have any measurable impact on global happiness?

Happiness is fleeting. It is trite. And the world is an angry mess anyways, right? Maybe. But our time on earth is also fleeting. And if we can contribute to making others happier, we've done something worth doing.

More than fair trade, more than microcredit, more than anything else we can think of - if that artisan family is happy, we've succeeded.

But can we actually play a role in spreading global happiness? And can we build a company around it? Maybe. Maybe not. But if we can try - shouldn't we give it a shot?

Will you help us? We'd like NOVICA to forever be known as the Global Happiness company.

Thank you for your support! Read more about our mission to spread happiness for 2014 and beyond.

Roberto Milk

Co-founder & CEO

Armenia Nercessian

Co-founder & President