Sterling Silver Wrap Ring to Make Your Hand Shine

When the post man arrived, I was excited when I saw the brown box from NOVICA.  I eased the outer box open as to not destroy the goodies that laid inside.  A small pretty gift bag held the sterling silver wrap ring, ‘Together’, created by Sukartini, who included a sweet note with this work of art.

 Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from Indonesia


I love jewelry and enjoy rings more than anything else.  I have been looking for a wrap around ring that was different and antique looking.  As soon as I took it out of the package and could see the ring up close I knew I made the right choice.  Another thing I like is that it fit well on my thumb as a thumb ring. The detail of the design is remarkable and stands out with nice carvings.  I have had many compliments as I am out and about and love telling people that this ring is part of NOVICA’s jewelry collection.

 Sterling Silver Thumb Ring


I had friends over for a small party and this ring was the hit with all the ladies.  So much so that the next thing I knew everyone was surrounding my computer to log into NOVICA to see what else they could find.  Before I knew it two hours had gone by! It was fun to see the excitement on the faces of my friends. They will be just as happy as I am when their NOVICA boxes arrive.

Jewelry is a great conversation piece, as it brings women together from all over and the best part about jewelry from NOVICA is being able to support the artisans with our purchases. Sukartini, the artisan who created this ring, went to school in Gianyer where she learned batik, ceramics and other home industries for three years.  As soon as she graduated she became an apprentice with a silversmith in a village where they specialized in jewelry.  Now she works with a lot of different silversmith’s in the area for Bali jewelry.  They make different kinds of jewelry, mostly with sterling silver, in both traditional and modern styles.  She has so many styles and variety to choose from and I love her work. Supporting her through NOVICA is a win win for everyone.


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