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Landscape Oil Painting

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Landscape Oil Paintings

From Roman frescoes preserved at Pompeii and Herculaneum to contemporary moonscapes, the landscape is a perennially popular theme. The special clarity of oils lends luminousity to these paintings. The term comes from the Dutch landschap, meaning a "sheaf" or patch of cultivated ground. By the early 15th century It had become a genre in European art.

Novica artists create exquisite landscape oil paintings in many different styles. For Thai artist Det, oils are a perfect medium to depict the moods of the sky. From morning clouds to midnight mist, he conveys a sense of magic in his landscapes. Innop lowers his gaze to fertile fields with Thailand's blue mountains as an eternal backdrop. Bali's Made Surita also depicts fertile rice fields and quiet temples while Antonio Machado's Brazilian beach scenes are seductive.

Sorapong's art takes the style of the impressionist painting and Sri Istiyarti's pointillist style suggests the folk art painting. The ocean enchants L. Ferreira, whose blue paintings depict waves, sky and mountains.

Novica's landscape oil painting collection is vast and varied. We hope you enjoy exploring our landscape oil paintings from around the world!