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Impressionist Oil Paintings

Welcome to our Impressionist Oil Painting Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our impressionist oil paintings below:

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Impressionist Oil Paintings

An impressionist oil painting is about light and a fascination with color, line and tone. Artists use the broken color technique to evoke emotion, as well as to create the illusion of spontaneity. Impressionist artists want to depict nature as it really exists, laboring to capture the ever-changing effects of light. Today's impressionist artists specialize in landscape paintings, continuing a style that dates back to the 19th century.

Artists tend to avoid black or earth colors to preserve the luminous characteristic of impressionist oil paintings – sometimes painting directly over the canvas as opposed to mixing colors on a palette. They tend to apply textural dabs of color in a technique known as impasto.

The gallery of impressionist oil paintings at Novica features a wealth of subjects, as modern-day artists from across the world master the impressionist style and techniques. They proudly share their country's natural beauty through flora and fauna paintings as well as the uniqueness of their historic temples and buildings with architectural paintings.
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