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Geometric Rugs

Welcome to NOVICA’s Geometric Rugs collection! This vibrant group of area rugs will add a touch of color to any living space. Their geometric patterns can pull a room together, creating a sense of order and calm.

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Popular Geometric Rugs

Geometric Rugs

You may have seen the designs of these geometric rugs on the walls of ancient temples. Or you may get the sense, as your feet rest on one of these hand-woven area rugs, that you feel the order and symmetry of nature in the midst of its magnificent chaos. Our artisans bring geometry to home décor, as its power and harmonizing tendencies have been taught to them by their own ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. One of our cooperatives, Momosteco Weavers, depicts the image of a volcano in simple geometric shapes and lines. Another, Cerapio Vallejo, infuses his rug with the rich colors of the Andes mountain range. Whatever space you inhabit, we invite you to experience the harmony inspired by these beautiful geometric rug designs.