Where to use area rugs

As long as you keep in mind your color scheme, décor, and space available, you can use an area rug in pretty much any space in your home, with a couple of exceptions, of course. A beautiful area rug can be the piece you need to tie a room together.

As a matter of fact, an area rug works better than wall art or even pillow or throws when it comes to unifying the décor in a room.

Stars on the Horizon Artisan Crafted Geometric Rug , Decoration, Home Decor, Area Rugs

There is a lot more than the décor aspect

Though the main reason to have an area rug in a room is usually the décor aspect of it, there are many other benefits to area rugs.

Anchoring furniture

Area rugs are great to give any room a cohesive look, but they are also an awesome safety feature for living spaces.  For example, in the living room, you can use a large area rug under the front legs of your furniture to help to keep them in place. If you are working with a small size rug, you can always center it under the coffee table.

Regal Modern Geometric Red/Brown Wool Blend Area Rug, Home, Home Decor

Use it as artwork

A beautiful area rug like the ones NOVICA artisans offer you can easily bring the colors and graphic elements that you might have been looking for. Think outside the box and use one handwoven area rug on your walls for a dramatic look at a fraction of what large artwork would cost.

Central Star Hand Made Geometric Pattern Wool Area Rug from Guatemala, Area rugs

Add warmth, comfort and safety

There are many benefits besides the obvious décor aspects when choosing and placing area rugs. They are an excellent way to warmth and comfort, as well as adding a bit of safety, especially if you have solid-surface floors, such as hardwood, concrete or tile. An area rung can keep your family and your guests from slipping or losing their balance on a slick surface. You can certainly appreciate the cozy relief area rugs bring to your space. Adding a rug pad is an additional safety feature, as well as keeping your rug in better shape.

Blue Diamond Sky Artisan Woven Geometric Wool Rug, Woven Area Rugs

Absorbing sound

Use your area rug in addition to a rug pad and you will find that area rugs do a great job of cushioning noise.

Goes wherever you go

There are several advantages that area rugs have over carpet especially if you tend to suffer from allergies. In that case, carpets are certainly not a good idea. Also, unlike a carpet, area rugs can move with you if you move to a new place and can be repositioned in different rooms as your décor needs change and evolve.

Roses of Kashmir Pink Rose Motif on Black Chain Stitch 4.5 x 7 Kashmiri Rug


There are so many different styles to choose from when you decide on including an area rug in your home décor, that you’re sure to find something that works perfectly in your home.  Whatever style you decide on, you have the added knowledge that buying your new rug will be helping textile artisans around the world toward a better future.

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