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Floral Rugs

Welcome to NOVICA’s Floral Rugs collection! These whimsical area rugs are designed using a wide range of floral patterns, some wispy and delicate, others bold and bright. Whatever your taste, we know there’s a perfect rug waiting for you!

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Popular Floral Rugs

Floral Rugs

From the abstract depiction of tulips on Cerapio Vallejo’s floral runner to the hand-woven bouquet of delicate flowers on Khalil Ahmed’s wool area rug, NOVICA’s collection of Floral Rugs contains something for every room. Whether the artisan hails from India or the mountains of Peru, the flower always represents a simple aspect of nature and evokes the entire cycle of life from bud to blossom to falling petals. These rugs are not just a piece of home décor, but recall the vibrancy of the natural world. Bring the outdoors inside with these hand-crafted homages to the floral patterns of the earth.