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Yellow Area Rugs

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NOVICA’s Yellow Area Rugs Collection showcases handmade traditional and contemporary designs by global artisans. Our warm, sunny, tactile collection of plain and patterned rugs includes a diverse range of fibers such as sisal, wool, silk and cotton.

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Yellow Area Rugs

Yellow area rugs can transform an entire room. Artisans from around the world have embraced this vibrant color utilizing it to highlight the cultural themes and traditional motifs woven into this magnificent collection of handmade rugs. One of the artisans showcased in NOVICA’s yellow area rugs collection is Cerapio Vellajo. In the 1980s, terrorism forced him to flee Ayacucho making it difficult for him to support his family. Sales of his rugs were slow at the local market and it wasn’t until he began to work with NOVICA that his life turned around. The steady sales and fair prices that NOVICA brought enabled him to grow his weaving business. Today he employs twenty-five fellow artisans at his workshop. He has purchased land near his workshop and helped his artisan employees to build their own workshops on this land. Together they craft his designs for the global market drawing on Peruvian culture and traditions for inspiration.

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