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Yoga Sculpture

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Discover NOVICA's Yoga Sculptures. Global artisans are captivated by yoga poses, and are calling into play a wide range of artistic interpretations to create their unique yoga sculptures. You'll find meditating cats, tree pose elephants, pregnant bunnies, full-lotus beagles and quite a few humans in this whimsical, highly-curated collection that is anything but serene.

Yoga Sculpture

Welcome to NOVICA’s Yoga Sculpture Collection. Yoga sculptures in this collection of Yoga art depict many of the movements in this ancient Indian form of exercise promoting spiritual and mental well being. Artisans from Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand have hand-crafted these unique renditions of Yoga poses in wood, ceramic and bronze. Each as unique as the pose it depicts, these pieces of yoga art will add that calming touch to any room in the home or office.Yoga appeared in the North of India around the 9th Century, finally making its way to Europe at the end of the 19th Century. It wasn’t until the 1980s that this Eastern form of Spiritual and physical exercise reached its peak of popularity in the United States.Artists from Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand have painstakingly and lovingly crafted these unique renditions of Yoga poses. Each artisan adding his own local touch through their use of purely local materials such as the “Yoga stretch” in highly-polished suar wood from Balinese sculptor, Eka. Or the bronze “Cobra pose” from Brazil’s, Emne Al-Haje. Each individual in their interpretation but similar in grace and beauty.

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