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Romantic Sculpture

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Discover NOVICA's Collection of Romantic Sculpture. Handcrafted by global artisans, you'll find graceful wood carvings of the human form, whimsical recycled metal sculptures and hand-painted hearts among the many unique traditional and modern artistic interpretations of romantic love.

Romantic Sculpture

"The essence of life can't be seen without the eyes of the heart.” A sentiment that drives Brazil’s Flory Menezes to create some of the most stunning romantic sculptures you’ll ever see. And, Flory, like NOVICA artisans worldwide, pours her heart and soul into every unique exploration of this most basic of all human emotions. In this collection, you’ll see this sentiment echoed through the hands and hearts of sculptors from the South and Central America to West Africa and Asia. An international collection of romantic art at once varied and singular in its common purpose – the visual expression of love through sculpture. This is truly an international collection of very personal interpretations of love to warm your heart, and your home.

The Summer Catalog

Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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