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Small Area Rugs

Welcome to NOVICA’s Small Area Rug Collection. Unique, handcrafted designs from the Andes, Central America, India and Mexico make this area rug collection a true statement of the art of rug weaving.

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Popular Small Area Rugs

Small Area Rugs

For thousands of years rugs have graced the floors of dwellings from the bare earthen floors of a peasant hut, to the tile floors of imperial palaces. Rugs have evolved through the ages to become not only a utilitarian floor covering, but indispensible pieces of home décor. Regional artisans like the Momosteco weavers of Guatemala bring their own history and culture to each handcrafted woolen rug. Their work embodies the bright colors, geometric motifs and superb hand workmanship for which they are famous. Each small area rug is an example of a craft passed from generation to generation. Each of the pieces in this small area rug collection reflect, not only regional design motifs, but those of each individual artisan.