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3 x 5 Area Rugs

Welcome to NOVICA’s 3x5 Area Rug Collection, made by a select group of highly skilled artisans from India, the Andes and Mexico. Our 3x5 Area Rug collection is comprised of superb examples of the rug weaver’s art- hand-woven, unique geometric motifs and dazzling colors.

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Popular 3 x 5 Area Rugs

3 x 5 Area Rugs

The humble 3 x 5 area rug has evolved over millennia to become an indispensible piece of any home’s décor. Rug weavers from such diverse regions as the Andes, Mexico and India each weave not only their region’s artistic culture, but their own personal aristic vision into each hand-woven piece as well. Weavers like Afroz from the Utlar Pradesh region of India have crafted these fine 3 x 5 area rugs for generations. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Afroz decided to return to his home and preserve the ancient craft of weaving dhurrie rugs for future generations, while introducing the region’s unique designs to a world-wide audience.