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Glass Mirrors

Welcome to NOVICA’s glass mirror collection! "Mirror, mirror on the wall, what makes the greatest gift of all?" A radiant glass mirror no doubt!

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Glass Mirrors

There’s nothing like making a house more homely than reflecting the beautiful people in it. What is a mirror but our own eyes looking back at us? NOVICA’s glass mirrors make the perfect gift for any family member at any age as they come in all shapes and sizes to reflect an individual’s personal taste. Affectionately guard your walls with the ‘Golden Coat of Arms,’ glass mirror painted with shell motifs reminiscent of European colonial coat of arms mixed with Andean gilded motifs by Edmundo Contreras. The ‘Marigold’ mirror is an example of the brilliant craftsmanship of artisans like Asunta Pelaez, who in traditional painted glass techniques exclusive to Peru’s Cajamarca region, hand-crafted a floral motif frame with open pedals extending its golden light.