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Wood Mirrors

Welcome to the Wooden Mirror Collection at NOVICA. These featured mirrors are framed in wood or wood carvings:

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Popular Wood Mirrors

Wood Mirrors

Wood is everything that mirrors are not. These opposing elements come together like yin and yang to balance artlessness and artifice. Some of these wood mirrors emphasize nature, but others are carved and painted to simply add to their beauty and delicacy. Worlasi Agbalenyo accents the natural elements of his wood mirrors by adorning the wooden frames with sand designs, reuniting the mirror’s glass with its origins. For Marcos Luzalde, wooden mirrors preserve Andean artistry. In his support of tradition, Alejandro Chavez frames mirrors with intricate wood dioramas, called retablos, which depict vibrant Andean and religious scenes. Making one of these wood mirrors is a loving experience for Aljeandro and his family. His wife molds the scene’s figures, and together they are passing down their skills in wood mirrors to their nieces and nephews.