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Pearl Rings

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Explore NOVICA's Pearl Rings Collection. From a single round pearl adorning a band to multicolored pearl cluster rings, you will discover unique handcrafted artisan designs that showcase the lustre and the beauty of this coveted classic gem.

The Pearl Ring

Pearl has been prized for many centuries, and cultured pearls are thought to have originated in 13th century China. The luminous globes are a perfect counterpoint to black onyx, colorful gemstones and sterling silver. The classic pearl ring is a solitaire style, but freshwater pearls often cluster on a wide band or center a romantic heart ring. Women who prefer French cuff blouses find that the pearl cufflink looks perfect with a strand necklace and a matching pearl ring.

Novica is proud to present our collection of unique pearl rings, delicately crafted by master silversmiths and designers worldwide. Our pearl rings are primarily set in sterling silver and many are also embellished with turquoise, amethyst and garnet. We hope you enjoy them!

The Summer Catalog

Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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