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Topaz Ring

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Discover NOVICA's Topaz Rings Collection, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. This brilliant stone, ranging in color from warm yellows to cool blues, is highly sought after for its natural brillance and luster.

The Topaz Ring

It is said that all rings were once magical or sacred. Because of their circular shape, they were considered objects of protection, a talisman to ward off negativity through its continuity.

Set with topaz, rings take on an added beauty. The gemstone occurs in a range of colors and is thought to take its name from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning "fire." November's birthstone, yellow topaz is a symbol of friendship and the state stone for Utah. In ancient Egypt, it was associated with Ra, the sun god. Blue topaz is the Texas state gemstone, linked with spiritual growth and creative expression.

Novica introduces a Topaz Ring Collection handmade by skilled silversmiths and jewelry artisans around the world. Our topaz rings are cast mainly of sterling silver and crowned with the spectacular tones of topaz. Alone, or combined with amethyst, pearl or garnet, our topaz rings are available in several styles. The faceted stone also figures in the mens ring and sterling silver cufflink, and takes the spotlight in solitaires. Whether you prefer dome styles, 3-stone designs or heart rings, we're sure you'll enjoy browsing through our collection.

The Holiday Catalog Collection

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