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Peridot Necklace

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Explore NOVICA's Peridot Necklaces Collection. Discover the rich range of shades, from light yellow-green to deep-brown green, that characterize this beautiful natural gemstone, thought to attract compassion and harmony.

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The Peridot Necklace

Necklaces may have been worn as long as 75,000 years ago, according to archeologists who discovered 42 mollusks in a South African cave that seem to have been strung together. From the classic chain necklace to opulent gemstone strands, there is probably at least one necklace in everyone's jewelry collection.

Novica presents exceptional peridot necklaces from skilled artisans and jewelers around the world. Many artists, like Rusdiarta of Bali, enjoy working with cool green peridot. Rusdiarta chooses the gem in part because it is believed to aid growth, purification and healing. Peridot also features in his other designs, including peridot earrings, and peridot rings.

Our peridot necklace collection features sterling silver settings with peridot accents in a variety of styles, including pendant necklaces, strands and more. Y necklaces have been popular since the advent of décolletage necklines in the late 14th century. They are still a favorite for the 21st century.

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