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A wide range of subtle texture variations and bold designs await your discovery in this collection of handmade patterned ponchos from NOVICA.

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Patterned Ponchos

Each patterned poncho featured in our gallery was designed with the intention of providing comfort and warmth while remaining breathable and, of course, beautiful. Sweater ponchos for women may have hoods attached to shield from the rain or other weather conditions characteristic of the Andes, the mountainous region of South America where these cloaks and ruanas originated. Excellent craftsmanship and eclectic designs fill the pages of our patterned ponchos collection. Contrasting diagonal stripes zigzag down the flaps of To’ooneel Ixoq’s cotton ‘Cosmic Nature’ patterned poncho, creating dimension and adding interest to any ensemble. For a more subtle look, wrap up in a patterned poncho by Isidoro C’cahuantico, who makes use of earth tones to connect to the natural world via his designs. Happy exploring!