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Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors(79 items)

The glass that surrounds these mirrors is painted on its reverse, quite like the reflective coating on the back of the mirror itself. Rather than a mere reflective surface, the designs created by reverse glass painting have remarkable depth.

Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors

Reverse glass painting has some counterintuitive challenges. The artist must paint the figures backwards from how they will be viewed from the other side of the glass. If that wasn’t enough of a struggle, the finest details—wrinkles, eyebrows, shading—must be applied first, so that they are closest to the glass surface and ultimately sit on top of dress colors, background motifs, and any other general parts of the painting. Paint dries slowly on glass, meaning that each reverse glass painted mirror must be meticulously done. The end result is a painting that people describe as having an intriguing depth. Due to its challenges, however, reverse glass painting is a more rare form. With artistic ardor and concern for the extinction of traditional art forms, Edmundo Contreras aspires to preserve history, as well as beauty, through his reverse painted glass mirrors.
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