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Red Mirrors

Welcome to the Red Mirror Collection at NOVICA. Please enjoy discovering our unique red mirrors below:

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Popular Red Mirrors

Red Mirrors

From the Andes, Mexico and Thailand comes NOVICA’s luxurious red mirrors like that of Peruvian artist Edmundo Contreras’ florid garlands swimming in a burgundy red medallion mirror frame. Although self-taught, Peruvian artist Marcos Luzalde has been designing beautiful crafts like his latest ‘Scarlet Flame’ mohena wood mirror for over 35 years. He feels as though each day was the first. Mohena, a fine Peruvian hardwood, serves as the main hand-carved ingredient to his divine mirror, whose hand-painted frame with blue and white floral garlands resting upon red paint are surrounded by regal golden leafs. In Feng Shui the color red signifies a fire element that exudes love, prosperity, passion and luck. ‘Floral Crimson’ is one such mirror whose deep crimson is immersed with curved blue and white flowers traveling throughout the frame and reflecting artistic Peruvian traditions while illuminating the passion of artisan Asunta Pelaez.