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Mosaic Mirrors(67 items)

Whether the mosaic tiles come in naturally differing shapes and sizes, or if they’re cut to fit in perfect tessellation, these mosaic mirror frames will add a smash of geometric wonder to your home.

Mosaic Mirrors

Although evidence of its existence can be traced farther back, the origins of mosaics are strongly tied to the Greeks and Romans. In those days, mosaics depicted the leisurely activities of the wealthy class. With time, the audience has changed and so has the subject matter. Taking from the best of modern strategies, these mosaic mirror frames bring a time-honored form to an everyday function. The mosaic mirror experts whose works are exhibited here have great passion for the art. Lalit Sakhuja worked as a chemical engineer before he gave in to working full-time on mosaics and stained glass. Mosaic mirrors from Lalit and other NOVICA specialists are handcrafted. Order a mosaic mirror and see how it looks, and how you look in it!
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