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Mayan Masks

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Discover NOVICA's Collection of Mayan Masks. Masks had a central role among the ancient Maya, and were even used to decorate temple walls. They were vibrant, colorful, often animal-themed, and there were special masks for the journey to the afterlife.

Mayan Masks

Once one of the most advanced civilizations in the world, the Mayans created many types of artful masks that were very symbolic in their culture. These Mayan ceremonial masks were an integral part of society, made for many different purposes ranging from funeral ceremonies to protecting noblemen in the afterlife. Mayan god masks and tribal masks were some of the most common in Central America, but another popular symbol was the Jaguar, representative of the four elements - earth, fire, air, and water. The jaguar masks were believed to transform humans into beings with magical powers. NOVICA’s modern artisans of Central America continue the tradition of using materials like pine wood, jade, ceramics and annatto seed to create designs that are highly reminiscent of the original maya face masks. Perusing NOVICA’s abundant selection of decorative masks will give you a glimpse into the fascinating history of Mayan culture.
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