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The NOVICA Art Expert

With such a tremendous variety of handmade treasures to explore, Novica brings to you the Art Expert, a series of detailed informational columns designed to help you expertly tour your way through the wide, wonderful world of fine arts and home décor!

Home and wall decor

Home decor from NOVICA will add the ideal finishing touch to the look of any home. For instance, we have iron sculptured coat racks that will look perfect in your entryway. Our selection of artistic ironwork creations include those of Marco Polo, Ketut Sudana Antara, Sajid Khan and Tijuram, so you are certain to find the piece of iron decor that is best suited to your current decorating taste.

Brass is another favorite for home wall decor designs. The brass coat racks that we offer at NOVICA include intricately designed pieces by Vineet and Rahul Jain, both of whom hail from India. The history of India is easily seen in each piece of home wall decor designed by these individuals. From sculptures of monkeys, to stallions, to elephants, you will find a wide selection of attractive coat racks for your home.

Home wall decor from NOVICA also includes a wide selection of wall hangings. Each wall hanging design is replete with cultural history from the artisan. Walter Paucar from Velarde does a superb job of depicting a Manu sunset or Andean men playing the flute. Wall hangings from around the world are masterfully created in wool, leather, cotton, and other fine materials that will last for decades without fading.

Are you looking for something that will provide just the right touch of intrigue and beauty to your room? If so, you need look no further than NOVICA. We are dedicated to the efforts of providing beautiful home wall decor from some of the best artisans around the world. We have over 2,000 masterful designers and more than 20,000 handcrafted products from which to choose. When you review the history of each of the artisans, you will find they each have a passion for expressing their culture in exquisite designs.

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