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The NOVICA Art Expert

With such a tremendous variety of handmade treasures to explore, Novica brings to you the Art Expert, a series of detailed informational columns designed to help you expertly tour your way through the wide, wonderful world of fine arts and home décor!

Wood sculptures

At NOVICA, we have wood sculptures made from a wide variety of wood tones and types. With hundreds to choose from, there is certain to be one that fits your home decor. Many of our sculptures express various opinions on nature, love, and spirituality. For example, some include intricate creations of tigers, bears, stallions, turtles, bulls, and ducks.

The finest artisans around the world create magnificent sculptures for us at NOVICA. Our connection with these artisans provides you with an online resource for unique and hard-to-find creations at prices you can afford. Whether you are looking for a specific design or the work of a particular artisan, you can follow our links to locate the work that will best match your particular taste.

NOVICA is the one place that you can turn to if you're determined to avoid mass-produced, big brand items and instead purchase unique, handcrafted products from artisans around the world. We work with over 2,000 master artists from regions such as Mexico, India, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, and others. Whatever your taste in wood sculptures, you will find a great selection on our NOVICA website. We offer safe and secure online credit card ordering. We care about our customers and our artisans and do everything possible to bring the two together through the global communication provided by the Internet.

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