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Sculpture has arguably been one of the most important forms of documenting the human experience throughout history. Compared to other art forms, it is extremely universal - the act of using ones hands (and/or basic sculptural tools) to craft art has been found in most ancient civilizations, ranging from the Roman Empire to the Mayan and Inca empires in the Americas, as well as isolated tribes in Polynesia and deep in the Amazon jungle.

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It is fascinating how humans have sought to document life experiences through sculpting physical items. Perhaps the actual creation of a physical artwork has been a way to breathe life into an abstract concept, or perhaps it was simply a way to create an object of physical beauty to be admired or, for many religiously inspired works, worshipped.

Inspiration. There are many historic inspirations for sculpture:

* Religious Inspiration. Without a doubt, religion has played an important role in the arts. In the case of sculpture, this is no exception. It has served, and continues to serve, as a vehicle for understanding, interpreting and visualizing religious concepts. Highly skilled sculptors in many civilizations, earned prestige and merit, by creating religious pieces to be worshipped and revered. Whether carving a war god to bring luck in an upcoming battle, or depicting a serene Buddha, they have often played a pivotal role in worship. Even today, religion serves as a primary inspiration for sculptural activity throughout the world. Examples include:

Sculptures have also been inspired by major events, such as wars, natural disasters, and other large scale events that have impacted cultures throughout the world. For this reason, they serve as such a fascinating living history of humankind. Examples include African Sculpture.

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