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Yudi Suardi

Hand-carved wood sculptures in Bali and Java

"Benalu was not used in sculptures but only as firewood. But I saw the enormous potential in this wood because of its unique and fascinating shapes — no two pieces are ever identical."

"I agree with Albert Einstein. He said, 'Imagination is more important that knowledge.' This inspires me so much that I'm always thinking about what new things I can do. "My father is a wood... read more

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"Nice sculpture : Mushroom Charm"

Hi Yudi, I received your Mushroom Charm sculpture. You have several that are all beautiful but this one is my favorite. I love walking in the forest, especially after a rain. The scent that emanates from the ground is incomparable and thats when you can see the largest selection of mushrooms. Here its winter and snow. Your sculpture keeps alive the fragrance I love so much. Thank you so much.

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From Texas

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"Cute, sweet"

One of my first ever orders from Novica was a hummingbird in mushrooms by Yudi Suardi. This one has the same clever use of the beak to give the sculpture a feeling of dynamic motion, and its neat because you dont usually see baby hummingbirds in art.



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From USA

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When I opened the package I was overwhelmed. The beauty and artistry was, well there are no words except OH MY! My father does wood work ( intarsia) this statuette Horse Guard is a perfect compliant to a piece he did of a barn. I am so pleased. Thank you so much!!

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"Hummingbird Couple anniversary gift"

I gave this to my wife for our anniversary. She is a big hummingbird fan and absolutely loves it. She thinks it is beautiful and was struck by the details. She also loved the wrapping paper.

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Gift Occasion:
  • This was a gift for: Wife
  • Occasion: anniversary


From Gastonia/North Carolina/USA

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"This sculpture has cherished spot in parents den"

The owls are beautifully carved very realistic. My mother loved the owls as a previous Christmas gift. I try to find her unique gifts every year she s very difficult to find gifts for but novica always has something beautiful.

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Gift Occasion:
  • This was a gift for: Mother
  • Occasion: Christmas


From Germany

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"Beautiful craftmanship"

Hummingbirds are my absolute favorite. They are living on my windowsill and I couldnt be happier about them. I enjoy looking them everyday. I moved to a different area in the world and here are no hummingbirds - this is the next best thing to the real ones. You have to careful when you dust them - the birds are loose and fell off easily - so far nothing serious have happend to them. I am a little bit clumsy sometimes and I hope I will never drop them.

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