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Opal Jewelry

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Explore NOVICA's Opal Jewelry Collection. Discover traditional and contemporary style necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings created by global artisans to showcase the many different plays of color that characterize this coveted stone. Opals are thought to attract wealth, health and happiness.

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Opal Jewelry

October's birthstone, opal comes in a spectrum of translucent colors. In fact, this attribute made the opal an extremely lucky stone in the Middle Ages. Whether showcased in sterling silver or combined with other gems, opal is unforgettable.

The Peruvian opal, also known as "blue opal," tends toward rose, blue and pale green. Pure opal is colorless while black opal is quite rare and valuable. Andean designers Sandra and Lily incorporate the gem into serpentine jewelry or pair it with natural chrysocolla. Bali's Caine adds opal to sleek pearl chokers, and India's Nalinee presents the stone in drop earrings. A perennial favorite is the birthstone ring.

Novica presents opal jewelry from talented artisans and designers around the world. Our opal jewelry collection features Peruvian Opal with sterling silver settings in many different types and styles, including exquisite pendants, earrings and brooches.

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