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Dangle Jewelry

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Explore NOVICA's Dangle Jewelry Collection, filled with distinctive handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to capture your imagination.

Dangle Jewelry

As body ornaments, as symbol of social status or as a personal style statement, women and men have worn Dangle Jewelry since time immemorial. What are you looking for in jewelry? From natural gems, bone, horn and wood, to cultured pearls and also recycled materials, in Novica’s Dangle Jewelry collection you’re certain to find a design that speaks of your personal style! Flowers, hearts, birds, and elephants -- these are only a few of the themes preferred by Novica artisans. Looking for a pair of dangle earrings for you or a loved one? Given in love or in friendship, handcrafted Dangle Jewelry will always be a special gift.
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