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Discover NOVICA's Onyx Jewelry Collection, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. Ranging in color from white to black, onyx has long been held to have protective powers.


Whatever the color or setting, onyx jewelry is always bold and beautiful. Black onyx is the most familiar, but the stone can also take on caramel, carnelian and red-brown sardonyx tones. A stabilizing presence, onyx is thought to foster visions and guidance through meditation and dreams.

From the classic onyx cufflink to extravagant necklaces and earrings, the gem is perfect in sleek contemporary designs. But it is just as lovely in ornate anklets from India and filigree earrings from Peru. Thai jewelry artisans pair onyx with glittery marcasite and Ghana's Tina Quaye favors the contrast of black onyx and bright agate in necklaces with tribal flair.

Novica presents onyx jewelry from talented artisans and traditional silversmiths throughout the globe. Our onyx collection features primarily sterling silver settings with onyx accents in a variety of types and styles, including necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and pendants. We hope you enjoy them!

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