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Modern Necklaces

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Discover Modern Necklaces at NOVICA. Although they employ traditional jewelry-making techniques to create their handcrafted necklaces, many artisans explore the design motifs that characterized styles from the 1920s to the 1970s. You'll discover a wide range of styles from pendants to statement strands in our unique collection of men's and women's modern necklaces.

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Modern Necklaces

NOVICA artisans defy the laws of convention – and even gravity – with eye-catching jewelry. Their designs are powerful as they contrast the vibrant colors of gems with the cool metallic sheen of sterling silver. A modern necklace crafted with leather is designed to draw more than one admiring glance. Is there any material artisans won't transform into Modern Necklaces? Check out the Brazilian necklaces crafted by recycling old LP vinyl records… talk about trendy vintage! Join our mission to empower artisans as you enjoy wearing a handcrafted modern necklace from a faraway land.

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