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Flower Necklaces

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Explore NOVICA's Flower Necklaces Collection. From delicate buds to bold bouquets, you will discover unique handcrafted artisan designs that showcase the best of global floral jewelry design.

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The Flower Necklace

The ephemeral beauty of a flower becomes a timeless muse through the eyes of jewelry designers around the world. Natural, beaded, cast in silver or gold, a flower radiates Mother Nature's exuberant elegance in Novica's collection of flower necklaces.

Thailand's floral riches are immortalized in Danai's collection of gold-plated pendant necklaces that highlight the incomparable beauty of a natural rose or a natural orchid.

There are no limits to a designer's imagination, as evidenced by Yupaporn's flower necklaces, featuring hand-carved coconut shell pendants on leather chokers and belts.

Flower necklaces are featured in most artistic styles, inspiring the florid Byzantine cross pendant by Daphne Zepos, the Baroque sterling silver necklaces by Leticia Orozco, and the Goth bouquet in Fanny Aguirre's pearl necklace.

The Spring Catalog

Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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