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India Necklaces

Welcome to Novica's India Necklace Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our handmade India necklaces below:

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India Necklaces

India has a long tradition of hand-crafted jewelry dating back to early times. It has been a sign of tribal identity and social status, and was gifted to Hindu, Jain and Sikh woman upon marriage as a source of security and wealth.

India was exporting gemstones by the third century B.C. and they play an important role in Novica's India Necklace Gallery. From opulent strands to pendants and chains, amethyst, topaz, tiger's eye and peridot appear in the India sterling silver necklace. Onyx, carnelian, turquoise and citrine designs vie with lapis lazuli, moonstone and pearl necklaces.

In addition to silver, extravagant gold vermeil appears in our India necklaces. Hand-crafted designs of intricate beadwork are distinctive and beautiful. From opulent jewelry inspired by Mughal splendor to tribal amulets and sleek chokers with modern chic, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our India Necklace Gallery. Enjoy!