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Bali Earrings

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Discover NOVICA's Bali Earrings Collection, handcrafted by artisans from the island known as the "garden of the gods". Ranging from delicate studs to gem-encrusted chandeliers, they showcase the fine filigree, granulation, jawan and other jewelry-making traditions of this island paradise.

Bali Earrings

Gold and silver work were refined arts in Bali by the end of the Majapahit Empire in 1389. Some families have been crafting jewelry since that time, passing the tradition from generation to generation.

Javanese jewelers create dramatic designs based on their own ancient art traditions. Today, artisans from both Bali and Java utilize silver granules - tiny globes of silver - to achieve rich textures in their jewelry. Gold accents reflect the precious pieces once crafted for royalty, and colorful gemstones thrive in Novica's Gallery of Bali Earrings.

The blue topaz earring is a perennial favorite of designers like Agung Pribadi and Ketut Renda to pair with a blue topaz bracelet or choker. Garnet, pearl and amethyst are also favorite gems in Balinese earrings, while Buan carves bone into exquisite cameos. Filigree butterflies, hearts and dragonflies appear in a variety of styles. Yuniati's reverent cross necklace and earrings are wonderful gifts for a special event.

Please enjoy exploring our extensive selection of handcrafted Bali Earrings.

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