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Sterling Silver Brooches

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Explore NOVICA's Silver Brooch Collection. Discover the array of traditional and contemporary designs, unique materials and exquisite workmanship that characterize handcrafted artisan silver brooches.

The Sterling Silver Brooch

Also known as "pins," the brooch originated with the safety pin-like fibulas worn by Greeks and Romans to fasten cloaks and tunics. Brooches became extremely popular in the 19th century and can be adorned with enamel or gemstones.

Novica is proud to present our collection of unique silver brooches, handcrafted with skill and great precision by silversmiths worldwide. Yuli recreates Bali's tropical flowers in floral filigree for an exceptional set of handmade brooches. Lotus blossoms, lilies, azaleas and allamanda flowers bloom as unique jewelry and are complemented by silver earrings. Thailand's Danai immortalizes natural roses and orchids in colorful brooches and stickpins. India's Beenu brings a modern look to classic Victorian designs, covering her floral brooches with colorful gemstones. Many of them do double duty as pendant jewelry.

Novica's sterling silver brooches come in a variety of price points and many are embellished with turquoise, garnet, and amethyst, among other gemstones. We hope you enjoy them all!

The Spring Catalog

Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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