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Topaz Bracelet

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Discover NOVICA's Topaz Bracelet Collection, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. This brilliant stone, ranging in color from warm yellows to cool blues, is highly sought after for its natural brilliance and luster.

The Topaz Bracelet

Topaz occurs in a range of colors. The clear gemstone is thought to take its name from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning fire. The traditional November birthstone, yellow topaz is a symbol of friendship and the state stone for Utah. Blue topaz is linked to spiritual growth and creative expression, and is the Texas state gemstone.

A favorite in topaz jewellery, it is especially lovely in bracelets. Paired with topaz earrings, they make a feminine fashion statement. Set in a bangle bracelet or beaded bracelet, blue topaz's delicate color is charming.

Novica is proud to offer a Topaz Bracelet Collection handcrafted by the world's most gifted artisans and jewelry designers. Our topaz bracelets are typically crafted of sterling silver and adorned with the golden glow or cool aqua tones of topaz. We hope you enjoy the chic styles of topaz bracelets we have to offer, including wrap, floral, and tennis bracelets!

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