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Bangle Bracelets

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Explore NOVICA's Bangle Bracelet Collection. The myriad designs showcase the diverse jewelry-making techniques global artisans use to create their traditional and contemporary, plain and embellished styles of bangle bracelets.

The Bangle Bracelet

Novica's Bangle Bracelet collection features one-of-a-kind, skillfully-crafted bangles from talented silversmiths and artisan designers around the world. Our bangle bracelets are primarily crafted in sterling with cultural and modern embellishments in garnet, amethyst, among others. We hope you enjoy!

Bangle bracelets are one of the earliest types of jewelry worn by women and men. In traditional Indian weddings for example, they are given to the bride and groom as symbols of their union.

Worn individually or stacked, bangles usually have a circular shape. However, Catherine Clarke in Brazil defies convention with designs that are bold and daring. Having won international acclaim as well as awards in Japan and Switzerland, her designs feature the enigmatic glow of tourmaline on her triangle and square-shaped stainless steel bangles.

In Peru, Mili and Manuel Pujazón are avid admirers of Inca jewelry. Their collections of bull horn bangles and necklaces preserve this millenary tradition. For Demetrio and Yolanda, the rich natural grain of local pumaquiro wood guides their designs of bangles and rings.
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