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Alpaca Wool Sweaters

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Discover NOVICA's Alpaca Sweaters Collection. Handcrafted by Peruvian artisans, this unique collection features the best men's and women's alpaca sweaters, in styles ranging from pullovers to cardigans. Once reserved for Inca royalty, this natural, water-resistant fiber contains microscopic air pockets, making it warm and lightweight.

About Alpaca Sweaters

Round neck, v-neck, button-down or pullover, alpaca wool sweaters are indispensable for the winter months. The Inca people were the first to discover that alpaca wool is incredibly light and comfortably warm, which makes it ideal for trekking around the the Andean mountains and withstand those cold temperatures. Back then it was reserved for the Inca Emperor and other high ranking officials. Today everyone can wear an alpaca wool sweater, especially for festive or official occasions like the people of the Andes do.

Novica has put together an extensive collection of alpaca wool sweaters worthy of the major fashions around the world as international designers covet this unique fleece. Our men’s and women’s alpaca wool sweaters are designed by Andean people who have inherited this legendary art form. Knitted or crocheted, designs go from classic to innovative and contemporary. Novica invites you to complement your personal style with genuine alpaca wool hats, scarves and gloves.

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