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Robert Aidoo-Taylor

Robert Aidoo-Taylor

Wood carvings and jewelry in West Africa

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"I am a self-taught artist. I never took any classes or attended courses... I enjoy working alone, and my inspiration comes from nature."

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We really like the ""Perfect Peace"" bracelet in green and black but the first time my husband wore it the black threads came out from under the green braiding and it is basically broken/not wearable. We will have to return it. Hope you can ensure this doesn't happen with your bracelets in the future and wishing you success.


savannah ga USA

I received your beautiful fan today and it is even more beautiful in person. It is very well made and I will display it nicely.


Received two woven bracelets today. Well crafted for the price but one of the bands was not as advertised . . . 8.5 inches instead of 8.75 inches.