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Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Welcome to Novica's Silver Cufflinks Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of men's sterling silver cufflinks below:

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Popular Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Cufflinks

One of men’s greatest accessories, the cufflink, appeared in the early 16th century with pins, laces, and straps that tied their clothes together. The trend of linking the sides of shirt sleeves really began to develop as decorative 'sleeve buttons' during the Renaissance. Silversmiths soon picked up on the trend, creating glass buttons, gold and silver cufflinks decorated with painted designs or precious gemstones. Today, these sleeve buttons continue to come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Novica has gathered a stunning collection of sterling silver cufflinks crafted by hand by talented artisans around the world. We have a variety of designs to complete any man’s look, from elegant quartz to edgy knotted cufflinks. Make it the perfect gift for him with a pair of our sterling silver cufflinks and why not add one more thing from our gallery of men’s accessories.
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