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India has long been one of the main global centers for unique arts. Colorful saris from the finest silks, exquisite silver creations from experienced local silversmiths, carvings and art in all mediums. A continent that is home to artisans working the same way their ancestors did thousands of years ago. So, when NOVICA went looking for items to include in its Gifts from India Collection, they went looking for traditional artisans carrying forth centuries old techniques. Mridulika works in silk to create shawls and saris of incredible color and form. "I create garments and textiles that would appeal to a global client, while promoting traditional techniques of production such hand-block printing, which is a dying art in today’s world of digital prints.” And, like other artists in this collection she passes her craft on to others, ensuring it will be there for generations to come. Bhavesh, a native of Jaipur, is the heir to a family tradition of working in gold, silver and precious stones. His intricate necklaces and bracelets are now known the world over. You can find more examples of his and other Indian artisans work in the NOVICA Indian Jewelry collection. We hope you enjoy these imaginative gift ideas!