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Christmas Candle Holders

It’s that time of year, where for most, winter makes us want to bundle up, where mistletoe is more than a plant and where filling our homes with the aromatic scents of candles makes us want to find something to contain our the illuminating and festive wax. NOVICA’s Christmas Candle Holders from the Andes, Mexico, India and Central America, Christmas Candle Holders are all the rage, with ceramic pieces like that of Saul Montesinos biblical allegory depicting the story of Adam and Eve with a tree extended as the Christmas holder to the candles. ‘Light of Christmas,’ an iron candleholder from Guatemala’s Godoy family, is shaped in the silhouette of a Christmas Tree with a candle holder crowing the tree ready for a candle to illuminate the room. For a hand-painted holder, on burnished clay, festive nativity scene the García Ochoa Family offers ceramic candleholders dipped in a deep ‘Blue Christmas’ paint.
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