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Silver Chokers

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Explore NOVICA's Silver Chokers Collection. From traditional to contemporary and plain to embellished, you will discover unique handcrafted silver choker necklaces that showcase the design versatility of global jewelry artisans.

The Sterling Silver Choker

Worn close to the neck, the choker is a classic fashion accessory. Favored by brides, it is also a popular complement to prom gowns and strapless dresses. Common materials include velvet, beads and even leather. But the sterling silver choker's radiant patina takes it everywhere.

Alone, or set with gemstones, silver choker necklaces may be minimalist in style or opulent collarette and waterfall designs. Peru's Regina Flores Montes crafts wrap chokers set with chrysocolla that interpret themes from nature. Thailand's Lilly Rahmann focuses on natural gemstones in sumptuous silver chokers. From Bali, Agung Pribadi uses his jewelry to send cogent messages of peace.

Novica features sterling silver chokers from talented artisans and jewelers around the world, many of which are carefully crafted with lapis, amethyst, turquoise and other precious stones. We hope you enjoy!

The End of Season Sale Collection

Discover our unique collection of beautiful, handmade objects from around the world, inspired by more than a century of exploration.

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