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Tourmaline Earrings

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Discover NOVICA's Tourmaline Earrings Collection. Discover traditional and contemporary styles, ranging from elegant studs to gemstone-encrusted cascading chandeliers, handcrafted by global artisans to showcase this semi-precious stone that occurs naturally in a wide range of colors, including black. Tourmaline has long been held to balance yin and yang energies.

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Tourmaline Earrings

An ancient form of jewelry, pierced earrings were widely used until the 1920s, when clip-ons became available, but later regained their popularity. In a number of cultures, girls have their ears pierced shortly after birth.

Today, earrings come in a wide range of styles, and tourmaline brings a vast array of colors to the jewelry collection. Known as the "rainbow gemstone," it is showcased in our tourmaline earring collection. The gemstone is radiant in silver hoop earrings. It emulates fruits and berries in charming dangle earrings and combines beautifully with other stones such as amethyst, opal and garnet jewelry.

Novica presents its Tourmaline Earrings Collection featuring elegant pieces of jewelry by expert artisans and silversmiths from around the world. Primarily hand-crafted from sterling silver, our earrings are adorned with distinctive arrangements of tourmaline. They are available in many styles such as dangle, cluster, drop, and chandelier. We hope you enjoy them!

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