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Amber Earrings

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Discover NOVICA's Amber Earrings Collection. From elegant single-stone studs to multi-stone chandeliers, this unique collection showcases traditional and contemporary amber earrings handcrafted by global artisans.

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Amber Earrings

The gorgeous gold, orange, yellow, and brown colors that make up the composition of amber is only part of its world-wide desire. The colors reach the sense of sight, but it is its history and renowned beauty that make our amber earrings truly spectacular. Amber that exists today dates back as far as the Paleolithic Era. It is formed when resin breaks through the bark of an ancient tree and is later fossilized. This sticky material is able to capture and encapsulate organic material, such as flowers, insects, and much more, making each piece unique. The gem, coming from the Baltic coast, became a much desired piece of jewelry starting in 2500 BC. It was a major trade piece for the Roman Empire, and has been said to come from the tears of the Greek God Apollo. It even made up Catherine the Great’s Amber Room, which is sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World. This semi-precious gem, which has survived the lengths of time and has been traded and worn for centuries, can now be yours. NOVICA, in coordination with its artisans, has put together a breathtaking collection of Amber Earrings. Coming from artisans in Mexico, India, Bali and Java, and Thailand, the exclusive designs of amber dangle or drop earrings can bring you a little piece of history.

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