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White Shoulder Bags

Welcome to the White Shoulder Bag Collection at NOVICA. We hope you enjoy exploring our white shoulder bags designed and crafted for you by talented artisans worldwide:

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Popular White Shoulder Bags

White Shoulder Bags

White shoulder bags have grown in popularity because old adages rarely apply in today’s well-traveled world. Those notions have been tossed aside by fashion’s emphasis on individual style. White is no longer just for summer and white bags are no longer just white. They’re embellished and textured in an array of compelling designs. NOVICA’s collection of white shoulder bags offers a range of unique styles that embody a global feel. From polished calf totes to hand loomed cross body slings these bags cater to the demands of a modern woman’s ‘on the go’ lifestyle. Featured in NOVICA’s collection, Hiroko’s cotton and linen hobo bag truly invokes the interconnectedness of today’s artisan designs. In her late teens she left Japan to travel and eventually settled in Bali. Today she crafts unique contemporary bags that incorporate hand batik printed patterns drawn from traditional Japanese kimonos.