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Backgammon Sets(3 items)

Welcome to NOVICA’s Backgammon Set Collection. Created using wood, marble and leather with an unmatched attention to detail only local artisans can provide. This collection of backgammon sets will give years of excitement for players of every level as well as being a handsome addition to your home.

Backgammon Sets

Widely regarded as the oldest board game in the world, some say it dates to 3000BC, backgammon is played today all over the world. Versions of today’s backgammon board have even been found in Roman Ruins. The design of the backgammon board lends itself to being created from exotic woods and stone pieces. Backgammon sets are made worldwide, some being made by local artisans in places as far-flung as Mexico, India and Indonesia by artisans like Bali’s Ketut Sandi who studied under an Indonesian master carver and began building his exquisite chess and backgammon sets in 1981. “It is always our dreams and our belief in life that give us the best results,” says Ketut, who blends his Balinese aesthetic with Western style in all his work.
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