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Sunil Singh

Sunil Singh

“Hi friends! My name is Sunil Singh. Presently settled in Delhi, I originally come from Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. I... read more

“Hi friends! My name is Sunil Singh. Presently settled in Delhi, I originally come from Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. I was born in 1979.

“During my childhood days, I had a friend in my neighborhood whose family were handicraft artisans. The creativity and beauty of the craft work fascinated me a lot. I visited my friend regularly and watched his family members creating magic with their hands. After completing high school, the urge to learn the craft was so immense that I decided to learn from them. By that time, my friend was also learning the craft from his family members. When he came to know about my interest in the craft work, he requested his father and other members of his family to teach me along with him. In particular they would make wooden, bone and resin products, as well as other items.

“The strong inclination to do something creative and my inquisitiveness brought me to the world of crafts.I am a very hard-working and dedicated person. I am very passionate about my work. Initially I worked with my friend’s family. As I mastered the craft of creating beautiful photo frames, boxes, mirrors, cutlery and bowls, I decided to start my own workshop with a team of 5-6 team workers. A lot of practice and dedication is required in this work. Now it’s been almost 10 years that I am associated with this craft. When I started this business, I had to struggle to make a good team. Now, I have my own workshop and a team of 42 workers.

“The finished product that gives satisfaction to the customer is my ultimate pride. The most challenging part is to create and develop such pleasing designs with the available materials. But the enthusiasm of my team workers inspires us to create beautiful products. We use wood, bone, hard board and resin to create our products.

“I also teach my co-workers whatever knowledge I have, and would love to teach anybody who is keen to learn about this craft. Working with me gives an opportunity of employment for my team workers. They are able to provide a stable life to their family, and provide education to their children.

“NOVICA has given me an opportunity to showcase my craft to the whole world. It is my dream to expand my work worldwide. I hope that people appreciate the beauty of my craft work.”

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